Should You Mist Fiddle Leaf Fig? (How Often, Pros And Cons)

Misting fifddle leaf fig

Fiddle leaf figs are a much-loved houseplant whose charm and beauty are enough to wash away all your tiredness. This indoor green gem brings a positive vibe and fills your entire home with a different charisma. Being native to the tropical rainforests in Africa, the plant’s love for warm and moist weather is immense.

It thrives when the air has at least 65% moisture level, which is way higher than what is typical in most homes. If the humidity level is below 40%, it can prove to be toxic to your beloved plant, halting its natural growth. Thus, to ensure that the plants have enough moisture, owners often tend to mist the plant.

But does it work? What happens when you overdo it? What are the best alternatives for misting? Most owners continuously think of such questions in their minds. Well, you can rest all your concerns as we will answer them through this write-up! So, make sure to read all the sections without skipping!


Fiddle leaf figs adore moist weather. But during the colder months, it’s pretty challenging to maintain enough moisture inside the room naturally. Thus, to create humidity artificially near the house plant, and wash off the dirt from the leaves, owners often mist their fiddle leaf figs. It works only when you practice misting in a limited manner. Overdoing it can lead to fungal infection and pest infestation, pushing your houseplant towards death and decay. Misting the leaf buds gently in a safe amount can be helpful. Make sure that the water doesn’t drip out to the bigger leaves. There are other DIY techniques by which you can increase the moisture level in the air without compromising the well-being of your plant. Putting your fiddle leaf fig plant in a pebble tray and placing it near your shower room, an aquarium, or close to other plants can let your plant get adequate moisture, ensuring its smooth growth.

The Threats That Misting Fiddle Leaf Fig Brings With It

As mentioned earlier, misting your fiddle leaf fig plant is not always a good idea as it comes with lots of adversities, some of which include:

  • Creates Obstacles In Photosynthesis

Generally, plant owners mist their fiddle leaf fig plant with regular water, which is a big red flag. Tap water contains several minerals, which tend to accumulate on the leaf surface and obstruct the plant from absorbing necessary moisture. Now you might wonder about cleaning the leaves to unclog them. Well, you can definitely do that, but this way, you can leave your plant looking dull. However, if you still want to mist your gorgeous plant, make sure you do it using filtered water.

  • Bacterial, Fungal, And Pest Attack

Frequent misting can spread fungal and bacterial infection or pest infestation in your fiddle leaf fig plant. It is because the bacteria and fungus can move freely from one leaf to another when they get water and spread the infection all over the plant.

Also, when the leaves of your plant remain wet for long, it attracts pests and fungal growth. So when you are misting your plant, be very careful.

The Pros Of Misting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Misting your fiddle leaf fig is not always bad. If done appropriately, misting can not only create enough moisture for your house plant but also clean its large leaves, boosting the photosynthesis process. To ensure the best results, mix a few drops of anti-bacterial neem oil with the mist solution and spray it gently on the leaves. Doing it early in the morning is the best idea because the foliage will get enough time to dry out by the evening.

However, before practicing it, do not forget to check the moisture level near your plant. If it’s perfectly fine for your stunning indoor plant, then do not mist or spray water on it. Otherwise, you can plunge your fiddle leaf fig into serious troubles.

Signs That Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Requires More Moisture

Misting a well-hydrated plant can be an ordeal. So, prior to misting your glossy fiddle leaf fig, check the plant minutely and start the process only when you notice the following signs:

The Best Alternatives To Misting

Who says you can only increase the humid level near your fiddle leaf fig plant just by misting it? There are plenty of other ways that are not only fruitful but also very safe. Let’s check them out!

  1. Use A Pebble Tray

The easiest yet most effective DIY hack for providing your gorgeous fiddle leaf fig the moisture it seeks is by using a pebble tray. Just take a tray and a handful of pebbles. Add the pebbles into the tray and fill it with water. Do not drown the tray. But make sure the water is poured halfway into the pebbles.

Then, gently place your houseplant right on the surface of the pebbles. The water will start evaporating, ensuring enough moisture for your plant’s uninterrupted growth. Whenever you notice that the water level has dropped, add more water.

  1. Place An Aquarium Near Your Plant

Have you ever desired to keep a beautiful aquarium in your home with loads of colorful fishes? It’s time to fulfill the wish for the sake of your beautiful fiddle leaf fig’s optimal growth. An aquarium can increase the moisture level in its surrounding areas. So, placing it near your fiddle leaf fig plant is probably the best substitute for natural humidity.

There is another fun fact that can make you jump into your feet! The water in aquariums is a rich source of nitrogen. So, when you change the water of your aquarium, you can simply use the old water as a natural fertilizer!

  1. Group It With More Tropical Plants

During transpiration, plants tend to exhale moisture which adds to the moisture level in the air. So, grouping your fiddle leaf fig with some tropical houseplants is surely another excellent idea to increase the humid level near your plant.

However, make sure you do not place pest-infested plants. Otherwise, it can contaminate your fiddle fig leaf, leading to death. Also, do not forget to keep your eye on the plants after you club them together. If you notice anything odd, immediately separate them.

  1. Keep Your Plant In The Moist-prone Areas

The kitchen, shower room, etc., contain higher moisture levels compared to the other parts of your home. So, keeping your green gem in such areas, especially in the colder months, can be really helpful for them. However, before repositioning your houseplant, make sure to check the moisture level of that area with a hydrometer.

  1. Use A Humidifier

If you have a humidifier at home, you do not need to try out the above-enlisted hacks! With the device, you can easily customize the humidity level inside your room. But before you set a humid level, make sure to check your home’s pre-existing moisture level using a hydrometer. There is one more thing that you should consider while setting up a humidifier to increase the humid level in your room, and that is its positioning. Place the device around 5 feet away from your fiddle leaf fig plant. It will help your fiddle leaf fig to absorb the moisture perfectly!

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FAQs About Misting Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

How often can I mist my fiddle leaf fig plant?

Frequent misting can be dangerous for your houseplant. Also, while misting, make sure to do it only on the new buds and not on the older leaves. Practicing it once or twice a week is safe and beneficial for your indoor plant. But don’t forget to dab the excess water using a soft clean tissue. That will prevent issues related to over-watering.

Can my fiddle leaf fig get a root rot with misting?

There is a high possibility for your fiddle leaf fig to get root rot if you over mist it. But if done correctly, it can make up for the deficiency of humidity in the air. The best thing you can do is check the humid level and then mist your plant gently and in a small amount.

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Is it better to mist my fiddle leaf fig in the morning or in the evening?

Well, that totally depends on the situation. If you want to create less to moderate moisture, misting your plant early in the morning is suggested. But if the environment is too dry, and your plant needs a lot of humidity, then mist your fiddle leaf fig in the evening and retain extra moisture. Consider the situation before you make the decision.


Most plant owners mist their fiddle leaf fig to ensure their smooth and uninterrupted growth, but little do they know that frequent misting can invite several issues, including pest attacks and decay. In case your plant shows you any symptoms of low humidity, follow the above-mentioned tricks, as an alternative option to misting and keep your plant fresh and well-hydrated.

Do you know any other trick to increase the humidity near a fiddle leaf fig plant? Then share it with us today in the comment section. And let us know in the comment section whether the above-mentioned alternative ways to misting have worked for you.


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